This was site is a specialized deal site, focusing on Refurbished Apple Computer Systems from the US, UK and Canadian Apple Stores. It has not been updated since mid to late 2000’s.

My goal is to provide a regularly updated summary of the refurbished systems available directly from The Apple Store.

I’ve kept track of this section of the store for years. It’s very interesting to watch systems show up, then disappear as each sells out. With each system, there is a new computer to dream about. While watching this site, I’ve developed a need/desire to track what is changing. Quite often, I’ve had to ask myself the question – did that price go down or is it a lower value configuration of the system?

Because of my desire to see what is going on at the Apple Store, I decided to make a database of the current refurbished inventory. This database is interesting to watch – even more so than The Apple Store site. To me, having clean access to this data is worth much more than the time it takes to build and update the database.

Now that I have the database setup I’ve decided to go ahead and share it with the public via

So please if you are interested in refurbished Apple systems take a look at, subscribe to the RSS feed and dream of your next system.

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3473B S Stafford St
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This site (While Supplies Last) has three sections, with regularly updated lists of refurbished items at the US Apple Store, the Canadian Apple Store and the UK Apple Store. Please consider subscribing to a RSS feed for regular updates. Just select your feed - United States, Canadian, or United Kingdom and subscribe to it via Safari or a RSS Reader such as NetNewWire. Updates occur twice daily at just past 6 AM & 2 PM EST (GMT -4) as long as there is a change in the refurbished inventory at the Apple Store.